Manage your thoughts, reads, notes, knowledge, library, and be a proud member of the community of 6000+ people.


Thought Book

Help to manage, and share your thoughts.


Take an instant note of anything on your mind right now.


Write, manage, share your Articles. Earn from your intellectual work.

Questions & Answers

Ask anything to find your answer. Help others too.

SC (Study Circle)

Complete Study Circle management system.

KMS (Knowledge Manager)

Manage your Knowledge. Get smarter.

LMS (Learning Manager)

Manage your learning smartly and increase efficiency.

Book Slot

Manage your current reading, highlight & take annotate.

Book Authoring

Write, manage and publish your books online.


Organize your book collection using our Library Manager.

Web Directory

Find Website & Organize your bookmarks. Surf web smartly.


Build network. Manage your contacts smartly.

Time is valuable! Manage your knowledge in an easy a faster a smart way!

We are still in the beta stage, and we keep updating the system, enhancing its feature to give you the best experience.


We offer affordable services for individuals and businesses. We are committed to a production consistent with our experience.

Thinkr CMS

To build your personal blog or portal, use our simple CMS. It is an integrated solution with Thinkr Club.

BookShop Application

You can start your bookshop and manage existing book shop business using our innovative BookShop Application Services.

Club/Community Portal

Manage your club members, events, news, and information using our Club/Community Portal Manager Service.

Magazine Portal

You can start your magazine with Thinkr CMS. Also, we provide all types of content for your portal.

Marketing Tools

We help build your community, portal, magazine, eShop and help make it popular using our marketing tools.

Support & Consultancy

We will try our best to get you the maximum opportunities with our expertise and experience.