What is Ransomware and how can i protect myself?

Ransomware becomes such a major threat. Why is Ransomware so dangerous and difficult to stop and how to prevent Ransomware?

2021-07-08 06:30:13 It's a cyber hostage situation. It's a form of malicious software (you can call it a virus, too) which encrypts your important data and ask for ransom (mostly money) for it. Sometimes the cybercriminal could ask you to pay again and again, extorting money from you but never releasing your data. So, prevention is the best way to stay safe from this.

How can you save yourself from it? As many experts say, use updated security software, updated OS, and so on. But those don't work perfectly. So, I would ask you to backup your data regularly. Use external drives, cloud services, and backup your data regularly. So, if ransomware encrypts your data, you don't have to worry.
2021-07-13 21:19:01 Thanks a lot :)
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