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Thinkr CMS

To build your personal blog or portal, use our simple CMS. It is an integrated solution with Thinkr Club.

BookShop Application

You can start your bookshop and manage existing book shop business using our innovative BookShop Application Services.

Club/Community Portal

Manage your club members, events, news, and information using our Club/Community Portal Manager Service.

Magazine Portal

You can start your magazine with Thinkr CMS. Also, we provide all types of content for your portal.

Marketing Tools

We help build your community, portal, magazine, eShop and help make it popular using our marketing tools.

Support & Consultancy

We will try our best to get you the maximum opportunities with our expertise and experience.


Crating a blog, magazine, or bookshop requires a lot of money and time to start. Our SaaS model saves both. We bring an affordable solution to begin.

Community Help

Building a user base and content for your portal is a difficult job. Our community feature lets you get those and helps you with monetization.

Zero Maintainance

You don't have to worry about any technical things or maintenance. Our expert support team will deal with that for you and always available.

Thinkr CMS

Using Thinkr CMS, you can create your blog or personal portal. It is an integrated solution with Thinkr Article, Thought Book, Library, and other features. Our community feature will enhance your blog experience.

Article Manager

Manage your articles, organize them with categories and tags. Also, you can display them as paid-to-read to monetize your writing.

Thought Manager

You can organize and display selected thoughts you have shared on your Facebook, Twitter, and Thinkr. You can arrange them with categories and tags.

Books & Gallery

If you are an author, you can display all your books and get the order from your readers directly from your blog. If you're a photographer, you can display your work.


You can manage and display all the media content about you (news or article in newspaper/magazine) inside your blog.

Manage Readers

You can manage your readers/followers and communicate with them through the Thinkr Community feature. They can signup and login using our secure vAuth from your blog site.

Question & Answer

Your reader/follower can ask you questions, and you can answer them through the Thinkr Community feature, publicly or privately.


You can see different statistics for your articles & books and see who added your books to their wishlist.


Thinkr CMS setting lets you control your blog. You can turn on or off any feature on your blog whenever you want. You can change your blog's look and feel as you want, anytime.


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Pricing & Demo

Please contact info@thinkr.club for pricing & demo.


Book Shop Application

You can start your bookshop and manage existing book shop business using our innovative BookShop Application Services.

Book Inventory

Book inventory system to manage your book stock. The store can show book availability and upcoming availability. You can turn on or off those book stock on your store side.

Thinkr Book Library Sync

We have a large books database to sync your book collection, so you don't have to add them again. It will save your time and effort.

Location Based Stock

People can search location-based book availability. Also, they can request to get books from their location if not available.

One Click Order

People can order a book without adding it to the cart. Order Now button will redirect them to the delivery page to put their address and done. This hassle-free system increase order volume.

Pre-Order & Book Request

Inventory can show upcoming books, and people can pre-order. They can request any unavailable books.

Customer base

You can build and manage a customer base using our robust members' management system. You can track their order & payment history as well.

Marketing Tools

Every shop will access our innovative marketing tools to propagate their site to attract more visitors and convert them to customers.


We have a robust reporting system which helps you to understand customers' need and trend. It will help you to get popularity quickly also generate more profit.



Pricing & Demo

Please contact info@thinkr.club for pricing & demo.


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