What is frame rate in games?

Many gamers talk about frame rates. Why is it important to PC Gaming?

2021-07-03 03:13:18 To understand frame rate, you need to know how video works. Remember those fantastic little flipbooks? A paper pad or notebook had an image on every page, and when you flipped through the pages quickly. Then it appears to our eyes like animated. Video works precisely the same way. Too many photographs, changing very fast. A series of still images that, when viewed in order at a certain speed, give the appearance of motion. Each of those images is called a "frame." Like each of the pages of your flipbook.

So, it's just a series of still images. Each image is one frame. If you move 15 shots in a second, it will be a moving video or animation to our eye. That means, 15 FPS or 15 frames per second. More frames make the video smoother.

Usually, all the video we watch is 30 to 60 FPS. When a game engine generates image frames of any scene, it generates 60 to 300 FPS based on the computer hardware. More FPS, more smooth gameplay.
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