What is Euros 2021 prize? Is it like World Cup?

We know, FIFA World Cup offers the giant prize pot in sport. 2018 World Cup was 791 million US Dollars. No other sport offers such an enormous amount, as far I know. What about Euro Cup 2021?

2021-07-08 08:06:33 The total prize money is EUR 370 million (USD $407 million).

Here is the breakdown
Qualifying (all 24 teams): EUR 9.25 million (USD $10.1 million)
Group Stage: EUR 1.5 million (USD $1.6 million) (win) EUR750,000 (USD $826,000) (draw)
Round of 16: EUR 2 million (USD $2.2 million) (for all 16 teams)
Quarter-Finals: EUR 3.25 million (USD $3.5 million) (for all 8 teams)
Semi-Finals: EUR 5 million (USD $5.5 million) (for all 4 teams)
Runner Ups: EUR 7 million (USD $7.7 million)
Title Winners: EUR 10 million (USD $11 million)

Total Prize Money: EUR 370 million (USD $407 million)
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